Friday, July 22, 2011

Assignment 1: 12 Photographs

As I develop the concept that underpins this assignment I am also starting to build a shot list.  The more measured approach to landscape photography provides time to plan each shot and think ahead of time how a story might be built around the photographs.  In the case of this assignment narrative will be important to tie the images back to the idea of Legacy.  A challenge I currently have is atmospheric, I also want to clearly represent Summer in these shots, I doubt that an argument about it being the Summer Olympics of 1972 will wash, although there has to be some mileage in that parallel.

Rather than simply list the shots I plan to use, I have dug into the discovery work I have already completed and chosen 12 images that represent how I am thinking, this is a visual rather than text list.  With each shot I am also going to identify the focal length that would work best, this will help in planning the final shooting of the locations.

1. Panorama of the games site from the mountain - 17mm

This would be a documentary image designed to introduce the overall set and provide some context.  The challenge will be to find a view/angle that also makes an interesting photograph.  The above framing might work, although this is a poor image showing quite a bit of distortion having used a wide angle zoom.

2. The Olympic Mountain - 17 or 24mm

I suspect this will be the hardest photograph to do well, however, it is important to my narrative that the mountain and its story is prominent.  From this side of the lake a wider angle than this (24mm) would be needed, although I could also stitch two 24mm frames together to make a letterbox shot.

3. Shapes and Patterns on the mountain - 35-100mm

With this shot I want to explore the mountain in a little more detail, preferably when people are using the space to enjoy the sun.  A tighter framing will be needed, this was 100mm, perhaps too narrow.

4. Curves - 70-100mm

Shot 3 starts to look at details, but in that case natural ones. With this shot I want to start to bring the architecture of the site into play juxtaposing the more natural shapes with the stadium.  This is too tight at 100mm, 70mm will be better, however, this is very close to where I want to be with this photograph.

5. The roofs - 70-100mm

This is another shot that I want to take from the top of the mountain looking down.  The question will be how wide to go, show the lake and surroundings or simply focus in on the artificial landscape of the stadium roof.  If I go tight the challenge will be to keep the idea of Summer in the image, which I consider to be nearly impossible.  Wider and I may simply keep this, it has what I want in it already, especially the pedallo in the foreground, now if that does not say summer what else could.

6. Under the roof - 24-35mm, maybe 17mm if I can make it work

This is another shot that I think would be very striking, but not easy to tie to summer, however, the trees in the background and a few people walking through in T-shirts might fix that.

7. BMW - 24mm

Stepping away from the Olympic legacy this is still within the grounds of the Olympic site, however, the legacy would be industrial rather than recreational.  The above shot is not bad and shows what 35mm framing can achieve from the bridge, a little wider will offer more scope.  The red car is an issue and I will need to wait until the car colours align to the sky colour.

8. The Village - 24mm

I need a shot that references the student village and the larger blocks behind.  This is too low, I need some more height, luckily there is a good vantage point nearby.  A question will be to make the painted side of this building as prominant as this or not, the colour is great, but very distracting from the rest of the shot.  Like the crane.

9. In the Student Village - 24mm

I really like this shot, it is simple and yet asks some questions, my concern is whether anyone else will get it.  I may not be able to improve it as the blue recycling bin is an essential balance to the rest of the image, it amy have been moved.  Something of a Stephen Shore influence here. The current shot has issues with the tree being clipped.  I want something inside the village that illustrates the space.

10. Recycling and Rebuilding - 24mm

This is a complex image containing many elements and stories, it is about legacy for the future.  If I frame wider I may get more in, but at the risk of too much foreground and also confusion.  Needs some thought.

11. Pipes - 24mm

Another photograph that might just work as is.  I want to feature the remarkable pipe network , this is one of the better angles.

12. Living Space - 17mm

My final shot should look at the living space that people enjoy in the village.  This composition dwells on the structure of the brick work.  Another thought I have here is a shot of the side of a building, focusing in on the balconies, something of a Michael Wolf style image.

This is my current visual shot list, however, I am not closing my mind to new visual opportunities and the unplanned but wonderful opportunity that might come along.  I also want to explore the PLO angle a little, there is a monument at the site to the dead Israeli athletes that might work into these shots quite well and this is a legacy that should have a part in my imagery.  

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