Friday, August 19, 2011

Assignment 1: Getting There

After much to-ing and fro-ing I have finally selected the 12 photographs that will comprise my final submission for assignment 1.  It has been a more arduous task than I expected, taking the photographs was much work, but the final edit and selection has taken nearly as long as taking them in the first place.  I have gone through a continual improvement cycle, building up sets of 12 and then knocking the down again, each time looking for balance and harmony.

Critical was the view that I want these photographs to be seen as a set supported by a strong visual narrative, for virtually every image in the set I can find another that is pictorially better, but which does not work so well as part of a set.  I have removed whole sections, such as the photographs of the BMW museum and factory complex, again because the story was stronger without them.  I have also constrained myself to landscape format and all photos have the same aspect ration except for the 1st panoramic shot.

A difficult question was the inclusion of people centric imagery, I have opted to limit this, there was the risk of stepping into social documentary, I want to retain a sense of space in the images suggestive of landscape.  I am currently busy writing the supporting materials that explain the narrative and position my intent for these photographs.  This is already more than 3,000 words, good practice for essay writing, but work for my tutor.  I find that the more I progress in this course, context, intent, and narrative are 3 words that recur in my mind as I create the photographs.

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