Friday, September 9, 2011

Chapter 2: Light and its measurement

The chapter that seems to attract negative comments from students on encountering it

Reading ahead it looks like a mash up of the exposure latitude tests from DPP and through the day exercises from TAOP.  I appreciate the need to understand exposure and metering, together with gaining an understanding of weather and where light is likely to come from at any given time of day.  However, is this kind of mechanistic repetition of work already done really necessary.  At the moment my development would be far better served by learning more about style, intent, and narrative.  The impression I get is of a course built prior to the introduction of the Photography BA, which is now taken by most people after completing 3 courses at Level 4.  I think a Level 5 course in photography should not need a discussion of spot metering and colour of light.

However, it is what it is, I plan to follow the curriculum and complete the projects as well as I can, although without too much travel.  Taking a photo from the same point several times a day makes for a local shoot rather than something more adventurous.  I appreciate that spending a day somewhere out in the wilds experiencing first hand the shift in light might be very character building; I simply cannot dedicate a day to sitting on my arse in one location hitting the shutter release every hour.

AND, what is this continual commentary about British weather, German weather is quite different, as is weather in China, the Nordics, South Africa, and many of the other locations my fellow students are working from.  I have to say that the hour by hour 7 day forecast on my iPhone provides the level of knowledge I need to plan my photography, without worrying about cold and warm fronts.

OK, grumble over!

I have done most of the photography work already, just need a few more shots over the weekend and then it will be catching up with the blog - now where did I put my spot meter?

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