Monday, February 20, 2012


This weekend passed by without any progress or sense of achievement, leaving me feeling a little down and dispirited.  This course is therapy, providing me with a sense of purpose and when I achieve something I am pleased with leaves me feeling as if I am progressing.  Whether this is real or not makes no difference, it lifts my spirits and leaves me with a good sense of well being.

The downside of this therapy program is that when things don't work or I get distracted from my studies I get very low.  This is one of those times.  I am reading a very good book right now comprising interviews with practicing photographers and am augmenting my kit with a few new toys, a Samsung NX200 mirrorless camera added into my portable outfit.  I should be feeling good, ho hum!  I think the problem is that I am in a creative gap, not working on any assignment photographs and not yet getting my teeth into Andreas Gursky.  Coupled with bad weather and the tailing off of some private projects I am not sure where to go right now.  Maybe the thought of writing an essay, attractive though it seems in theory has stopped my progress and is forming a mental block.

So to look to the bright side.  First the weather is finally picking up and I might be able to start some spring imagery and do some work in the inner city with my tilt-shift lenses (they do not like the wet).  Secondly I was passing the Haus der Kunst on Saturday and saw this:

A Thomas Ruff exhibit just opened the day before and will run for a few months.  Great, Thomas Ruff is another member of the Duesseldorf School of photographers and as I write my essay it will be important to add the context of other graduates of this influential school.  So far I have seen work by Thomas Struth and the Bechers, so seeing some original work by Ruff will be very useful.

I also managed this photographic doodle - symmetry, detail, it is a me type of photo, however boring and touristic

Hand held, low light, ISO800 and still sharp, really happy with my X100.  However, I digress!

Back to the course, I will also not make much progress now for a couple of weeks and suspect I am going to need to warn my tutor that my essay might be a little late.  BUT the reason is that next week I am nipping over to New York for 3 days of MOMA, BH Photo and some of the best street photography in the world.  Oh, and most importantly having a ball with Heidi!

So why I am feeling so down?  Who knows, guess it is just one of those things, a creative glut that has me doubting myself.  Hopefully my next blog entry, perhaps from New York will be a little more enthusiastic...

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