Sunday, April 15, 2012

Portfolio: First 16

I am beginning to close in on the final set of photographs, Spring still needs some development and the upcoming weather looks as if it will cooperate.  However, I now have what I would consider to be a set of photographs worthy of submission if no further opportunity arose.

4 Seasons - 1 Location

I have over 60 shots taken on different days for this first set of photographs from Project 15.  As yet these are almost all Winter/Autumn, corresponding to the time I was working on Assignment 3.  For Summer I have a few candidates, but no single stand out photograph. I have only one Photo for Spring and whilst it is technically OK it does not shout Spring.  For the other 12 photos I am sticking to the native 3:2 aspect ratio of the camera, for the 4 here I have chosen a 2:1 ratio that fits much better to the subject matter.

This image for Spring has a good sky and he rich colours of the buildings work well.  The problem is that the trees are not quite leafing yet and so one comment made was that this looks more like Autumn.  Possibly, but Spring and Autumn do have a certain amount in common, lighting for example is quite similar

For Summer, I have been fighting with this photo for a long time.  This was taken in mid-afternoon.  All of my other photos were taken in early morning with the Sun behind me.  I could do the same for Summer and may yet if I cannot get this to work.  However, Summer means people in the park enjoying the park.  I am willing to trade some image quality for some narrative content.

For Autumn, the question was leaves or mist, I have chosen mist as this is more reminiscent of my experience of Autumn in the park and is a little less cliched whilst still carrying the essential message of Autumn.  I also like the overcast sky reflecting the lights of the city.

Winter is a no-brainer, this snowscape under a steel grey sky is the best image in the set.

With all of these shots I have done my best to frame them identically, it is not perfect, but I think close enough for the exercise in question.

Moving now to the extended study of the Olympiagelande, I have selected a new Photo for the Summer set and 2 new images for the Spring Set


With Spring I want to get across the rebirth of the site under the new tress and with people starting to enjoy the site once more.  So far the 3 photos capture the first element, but not the second.  This is not a major problem, but lets see whether I can further develop this.  In each of the sets there is an image that overlooks the site from different angles, the 3rd photo here adds to the overall story and I do like the geometry of the image.  The problem is that it does not convey Spring too well - the yellow tree blossom helps but is perhaps too small


Summer is all about colour and enjoyment of the site.  The 3 photos chosen are all different views of a water-skiing event that took place last July.  I have tried to maintain a similar style across the images in each set, but not between the sets


The easiest from a message point of view, colour conveys the season.  The challenge here was to mix the colour of the season into the architecture of the park.  The second image contains two references, the tree, but also the people huddled against the cold, but enjoying the late Sun


All other images here were shot with my 5D2, for Winter I have used my new Fuji X100.  The colour rendition coupled with the excellent 23mm (FF 35mm) fixed lens captured the colour of winter perfectly.  Normally renowned for producing vivid colour, the camera handled the subtle blue and green tones of the frosty ground and sky extremely well.  These photos depict the emptiness of Winter, but each still contains many people enjoying the par.  The first image also serves to place the whole set into the context of the city.

Next weekend I will rework the Spring photos, but this set is now very close to what I want to present.  Thematically it is not a tight as I would have ideally wanted, but I think it expresses quite well my own developing expression in photographs

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