Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Mist

Getting up early this morning my goal was to grab an early Autumn shot from the Monopteros to add to my portfolio.  The leaves have barely started to turn, however, the cold nights coupled with warm days are good conditions to generate some early morning mist.  I was not disappointed:

I still need to wait a couple of weeks to go and grab a truly autumnal scene.  However, my timing was good, I have caught the sun just as it hits the tops of the buildings, but leaves the foreground shaded and so with better colour for this particular shot.  This is almost exactly 1 hour after sunrise.

Having captured a useful addition to my portfolio I then started to explore the park and look at the way the sun was interacting with the low lying mist.  I have produced a series of 2:1 panorama crops focusing upon the horizontal layers of mist with the tress and grass.  As I have mentioned before I find images that contain very strong horizontal banding fascinate me.  There does not need to be great complexity in these images, the effect I am looking for is balance and harmony.  In most I have cropped out the sky and the tops of the trees, this concentrates the eye on the layer of mist sitting just above the grass.

I am considering this as a framework for Assignment 3, looking at how light interacts with landscape, but in a very layered approach.  This would be a massive departure from the city based work that I am currently developing, however, learning takes many paths and it might be time to try something a little different.  These photographs do show, however, that even in the heart of the city it is possible to capture something of the serenity of the early morning light in the countryside.

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