Friday, January 6, 2012

Assignment 3: 30 Images

In my last post I developed a framework of 10 shot types from which I plan to make my final selection.  To being that process I have chosen 3 images that best fulfill each criteria.  In doing so I am developing a visual language for the submission, to enable me to further refine the selection.  My final selection need not be from these 30, however, now that I understand this typography I can revisit my catalog and pull shots that might work better in the context of the assignment, versus the book for which these images were originally developed:

1. Pre-dawn Mist: Almost white ghostly forms

2. Brighter Mist: Colour begins to emerge and definition improves

3. Sun starts to warms the mist - golden glow

4. The contrast greatly increases and people enter the frame

5. Sun gets high enough that rays start to appear in the mist

6. Light under trees

7. Sun starts to warm the trees or buildings

8. Bright sky just before dawn, reflected in water

9. Sun star as it breaks through or above the trees

10. Reveal shot showing the end of the process

Next step, a lot of heartache, although I do think some choices are pretty clear!

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