Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The city skyline

Taking a walk across the city to do some exploratory work for the Winter component of my portfolio I came to the summit of the Olympiaberg.  It was just before sunset and the light was starting to drop.  Sadly not a good time of day to capture images for my portfolio, but a great opportunity to reach for my telezoom and shoot a few city skylines.  The first is a conventional juxtaposition of the city against the Alps in the background.  The illusion of the Alps being close to the city is slightly present, less haze would make the Alps almost grow from the suburbs.  This is a shot frequently used in publicity for the city and one that deliberately misleads a potential visitor into believing that Munich is literally in the shadow of the Alps.

A lower viewpoint can also help to further this illusion.  This is a great example of the distortion of truth that photography can be used to deliver.

Alternatively sometimes all you want is a little beauty, panning the camera around to the West I captured this shot of the Zugspitz rising above Munich.  Here all that matters is colour, form is secondary, although I have framed the image so that the building complements the bulk of the distant peak.

Taking away form altogether, shooting into the sunset yielded this picture.  No comment, just glory in nature.

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