Sunday, August 26, 2012

Assignment 5: Rework

I have now reworked the assignment text adding a tie back to Gursky to the preamble and replacing 3 of the less "Gursky-esque" photos with ones that I think make the set a more harmonious whole:

These are the images that I have pulled from the set together with their replacements:

replaced by

In many ways I think the original image was better, however, the depth in the photo contrast very sharply with the others in this sequence.

replaced by

The bin image was the only one my tutor rejected. I have replaced it with the most geometrical image I captured.  I agonized about this one, I really like it, but thought it too simple.  In fact I now think it captures the modernist stance that Gursky does in his work.

replaced by

The original image was part of a narrative that I tried to develop and did not work.  It does not have the symmetry that other images possessed and so I have replaced it with the jungle shot in the set.

The new package is on its way to my tutor, let's see what next.

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