Saturday, June 9, 2012

Assignment 5: First 12 photos

This set of images is not intended as a final set or even as the direction it will eventually take.  I have selected 12 images from my first 3 shoots to demonstrate to myself that there is sufficient variety and narrative potential within the subject.

 Not a shot that I am likely to use, but an important element in why I chose this subject.  This is where I live about 4 doors down in the triangular row houses that were built in the center of this Innenhof.

 Just around the corner from my green and pleasant Innenhof is this bleak and forbidding space.  It is scheduled for a major rebuild, sad in a way as this is a good example of post war building.

 A key feature of most Innenhofs is provision of play areas for the local kids, an Innenhof is a very social space.

This almost Zen like garden provides a place for quiet reflection.  Some Innenhofs can be very elegant, clearly contrasting the grim space above.

 Whilst I have previously stated that I do not want to feature the people of these spaces, this was irresistible.

 I sincerely hope they never repaint these garage doors.

 Here there has been a major renovation creating an oddly colourful space.  As  a fellow student pointed out this is quite reminiscent of Op Art or even some Abstract Expressionism.

The engineering of an Innenhof can be quite elaborate, here a two story car park has been dug into the center of the Innenhof during a rebuild.  This very modern space is flanked on each corner by massive concrete WW2 flak towers.  Strange place, Munich.

I love this space, a maze of small gardens was filled with furniture and BBQ stations.  This is a place that looks fun to live in.  A green contrast to the more stark concrete filled spaces.

OK, this was weird, a table tennis table in what looked like an old "water feature" with a monkey statue overlooking the scene.  In the opposite direction was the same scene but this time the statue was a large dog.
In this Innehof someone has a small business running an Outlet store for climbing gear.  Closer in to the city many of the Innenhofs have business uses, often containing restaurants or cafes.

Finally not all are in pristine shape this space smelled as badly as it looked, however, a rebuild is clearly in process.  I am guessing the neighbours really do not want any intrusion with this 4m high chain link fence.

With these 12 images I have confidence that over the next few weeks I can build a good set of images that illustrate a subject I feel an affinity to.


  1. There is a strong sense of a rectangle in the majority of images that I like but am not sure if it a designed motif or not because this theme is not in all or just a few of the images. I look at your work often and really like it.

    1. Hi Pete, I am very deliberately trying to use 2 elements in these images, very flat planar compositions coupled with strong symmetries. As the subjects are buildings the rectangles fall ouit of that approach, so in a sense they are deliberate. Am still agonizing over this assignment, not what to photograph, but what images to include. I'll post a new set soon... Glad you enjoy my stuff, good to know someone does:)

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