Friday, June 22, 2012

Assignment 5: Working the set

Since my last post I have spent hours sitting in front of Lightroom, flicking images back and forth, trying to decide upon a meaningful set that I can submit.  My problem, as usual, is too many photographs.

I can see a visual style emerging in the photos that I prefer, very square carefully managed symmetrical images, but occasionally broken up with something offering a different perspective or disorder.  Even once I have a set I like I am then confronted with the challenge of sequencing a process that will help to build a narrative to accompany the photographs.  I have now realized that whilst the photos must be sequenced the absolute order is not critical, each individual photo has its own story, whilst the set as a whole makes a statement.  

Here is what I currently have


The door opens into the set of images, it is the way into the Innenhof.  I then end with a photograph of a poster informing the neighborhood that this Innenhof will be demolished to make way for a wonderful new development, signifying the impermanence of these spaces.  In between there are loosely linked pairs of photographs.  I keep trying to pull away from the idea of sequencing in pairs, but it is too compelling to me and I think I will go with it for now.  I am waiting on some feedback from my tutor concering the overall theme, before I finally commit to the submission set.

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